Payroll and Human Resources

Payroll and Human Resources
We offer payroll services performed by qualified personnel in accordance with labor legislation:
contracteler preparation work, of the additional documents and of the decisions to modify the salaries;
- verification and processing time sheets and all necessary data monthly payroll;
- preparation Register of Employees (REVISAL);
- Preparing payrolls and flyers;
- calculating payroll obligations and preparing payment documents: orders, sheets payment or payment slips;
- preparation and submission of declarations on the obligations to pay social security contributions, income tax and nominal records of insured persons (the statement 112);
- Prepare certificates employee, unemployment, age, bank, doctor, etc;
- out of the leaves;
- preparation of various reports or salary calculations upon request customer;
- preparing files to recover amounts for leaves and indemnities House Health Insurance;
- preparation of liquidation notes for the staff beneficiary;
- regular briefings on legislative changes;
- Consulting on labor legislation.
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