The accounting is organized according to the legal norms in force and involves:
- chronological registration of the primary documents prepared by to benefit;
- Analytic and synthetic bookkeeping suppliers and customers;
- records of fixed assets and depreciation calculation;
profit tax calculation or micro-enterprise income tax and preparation statements within the legal deadlines;
- calculation of dividend tax and preparation statements on dividend tax;
- preparation and submission fiscal and informative declarations: 300, 301,101, 390, 394, 100, 010,095, etc;
- Prepare VAT journals, sales and purchases;
- establishing the monthly and quarterly payment obligations and drawing up the documents for their payment: payment orders, payment slips,pay slips;
- Record-keeping required by law: Journal Register, Inventory Register, Register of fiscal ledger;
- Prepare monthly trial balance;
- preparation and submission of financial statements, the balance sheet;
- obtaining tax certificates;
- other specific to financial statements;
periodic management information on the economic-financial situation of the company;
- permanent and timely information a leadership the company regarding the regulations in the fiscal and financial-accounting field;
- periodic information regarding the changes of the fiscal legislation regarding the activity beneficiary.
We can respond to your requests on closing the balance, monthly statements and reports by lead and at other (shorter) deadlines set for taking over the accounting.

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