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Limited deductible operating, maintenance and repair expenses

Art. 25 para. 3 letters j) and k) ART. 25 – Expenses (3) The following expenses have limited deductibility: Starting from 01.01.2024, according to GEO no. 115/2023, lit. j) is amended and will have the following content: j) expenses for the operation, maintenance and repair of service homes, deductible within the limit corresponding to the built-up areas provided by the Housing Law no.

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Who is working with us?

Accounting firm - Audit Smart Solutions LLC is an accounting firm authorized by the Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants of Romania (C.E.C.C.A.R.). These companies offer specialized services: payroll accounting and tax advisory HUMAN RESOURCES Our clients are Romanian and foreign companies with various fields of activity: Production: medicines, clothing, shoes, bags, furniture,

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